Do you recognize one or more of the following?

  • Are you a (small) law firm looking for a professional and reliable partner to support you with your (temporary or structural) work load?

  • Do you need someone who can provide independent and professional legal support to your clients, while still maintaining your flexibility and independence?

  • Are you interested in hiring someone who can independently take over some cases on your behalf without being bound or committed to that person?

  • You don’t have the time to take on more engagements, but you are wary to send your clients to other law firms, not knowing if they will get the service or quality you stand for?

  • Do you need a professional and experienced lawyer who can assist you with some of your cases, thereby reducing your workload, giving you time to manage your firm and/or focus on acquisition or other necessary managerial tasks within your firm?

In that case, contact Justa!


Our services include the support of an experienced and professional lawyer, who can be hired on a flexible or structural basis in order to relieve your workload, be it for a short period of time (an emergency) or a long-term partnership. By working with Justa, you avoid the need to employ a full-time or part-time lawyer, with all the requirements, inflexibility and administrative hassle that entails.

Although Justa provides quality support, ranging from advice, drafting and/or review of your legal documents to litigation and full client support and relations, Justa is cost-effective and provides you with utmost freedom as to the management of your firm, resting assured that your clients get the service they deserve without having to turn away any of your clients because of workload. Added value to you is that you get to retain your (new) clients, not forced to refer them to another law firm because of overload, and that you are also able to profit from this, since Justa offers you an attractive hourly fee.



  • Professional and experienced lawyer who can service your clients independently on your behalf

  • Cost-effective, flexible and at the same time professional

  • Not necessary to turn away new clients, keeping your clients attached to your firm

  • You decide how many hours you need support, therefore keeping full control over your expenses

  • You decide how many hours you need support, therefore keeping full control over your expenses

  • No administration hassle and no rigidity in connection with hiring an employee

  • Extra revenues since you can charge your client the regular fee, while Justa offers you an attractive hourly fee

  • No need to invest costly time in training an intern, when you do not have the guarantee they will stay with you

  • More spare time to handle acquisitions and running your business

  • Reliable partner in your business

JUSTA offers attractive and fixed hourly fees. Contact us now for more information!