Do you recognize one or more of the following?

  • Are you a small to medium-sized business and are you searching for a cost-effective way to get tailor-made and practical legal support on your labor law issues?

  • Do you want to have the flexibility to choose what option fits your company best when it comes to quantity of services provided and the expenses that go with it?

  • Is your approach based on prevention rather than (usually costly) cure when it comes to your legal issues?

  • Do you require the specific knowledge of an experienced lawyer who can anticipate possible legal proceedings and provide you with advice with this in mind?

  • Do you need fast and professional review of your (labor) contracts and other legal documents?

  • Can you picture the advantages of an on-call sparring partner for all your staff-related questions and issues?

Then Justa is your business partner!


Justa will provide you with practical, fast and up-to-date legal support in a personal, relaxed and unceremonious manner on the areas of labor law, your rights and obligations as to your employees, advice on how to draft your labor contracts, organize your staff files and approach your staff in order to maximize productivity and minimize expensive legal proceedings. One can never be totally free from such risk when running small business. However, the processes in the company can be organized in such a way, that legal proceedings will be minimized. That is through communication.

Aside from being your adviser on labor law areas, Justa can function as an external mentor or confidant to your staff, giving them the possibility and space to express their requests, needs and frustrations to an independent party, who can translate and communicate these needs to you if requested, thus resulting in a better atmosphere in the work place and even a better communication and relationship between you and your employees.

The services offered are adapted to your specific needs, since you decide on the amount of time invested and thus on the costs involved. This way, you also have total control over your budget and will not be unpleasantly surprised by high bills at the end of the month.



  • Advice from a registered attorney-at-law, thereby mitigating your risk of a misstep that could harm your case in court if it ever gets that far

  • Cost-effective and high quality legal assistance with a personal approach

  • Your own “in-house” lawyer for quality legal advice

  • On-call review of your legal documents

  • Possible role as confidant to your staff

  • Reliable and trustworthy sparring partner on legal issues

  • Professional support and legal assistance if a specific case turns into legal proceedings

  • Monthly fixed subscription fee for a fixed amount of service hours adjusted to your needs, permitting you to keep full control over your budget

We offer various packages depending on your specific requirements and needs. Volume discounts apply. Call us now for a free quotation!