Justa provides prompt and practical legal advice on labor law issues, customized to the needs of her clients in a manner that is interactive, flexible and that fits the client’s schedule. Justa believes in continuous growth and mutual cooperation and integrates these essential elements into her services, making Justa’s vision statement –“Evolution by Collaboration”– a natural choice. We believe that only by working together, one can learn, grow and evolve. This collaboration should not be restricted only to business partners or (potential) clients, but to society as a whole.

Justa is born out of the necessity to stay close to her moral values, to give voice to her most basic conviction that every action should be a manifestation of those values, which are in turn translated into the law as we know it today. However, in case that same law as we know it today is not in line with the most basic moral values, Justa will follow the latter as she aims to embody the following quote by Thomas Jefferson: “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so”. For Justa, the law -and the ability to secure one’s rights- should be accessible to everyone and should not be bound to certain requirements such as money or prestige. Justa intends to provide a helping hand in that direction.


Justa’s services are three-fold in that it focuses on three target groups: small law firms (either with a general or a specialized practice), small and medium-sized businesses and employees. For all her clients, Justa’s approach is one of flexibility and custom legal support, adjusted to the customer’s specific needs and requirements.

The additional service of alternative dispute resolution (specifically mediation) can be applied as an effective tool for any of the aforementioned client groups and might therefore be a suitable solution in all cases, regardless of the parties involved.


 The owner, Phyllis van den Hout, has a master’s degree in English language and Dutch Caribbean law and has numerous certificates on different areas, which makes her a multidisciplinary person. She has ample experience in corporate business as well as in practicing law (being admitted to the bar and registered as an attorney since 2010), and is therefore adept at communicating on different levels and topics. She is a sociable and extroverted person, with a direct and transparent approach and a keen eye for relationships. However, she extremely values her personal time and space to evaluate her actions and reflect on her next steps. Phyllis likes to get to the bottom of things and is hands-on in finding the available solutions that fit the client’s needs, always keeping in mind the bigger picture. Her passions are reading and learning (constant growth), providing a helping hand where needed and, last but certainly not least, spending quality time with her family and two beautiful children. For more information on her professional background, please visit LinkedIn.